Teacher Stories

Darnell Hamilton

Darnell Hamilton teaches Special Education at Golda Meir High School. Here he talks about the love he feels for his students, the different perspective he wants them to see, and the incredible imprint each one of them leaves on him.

Cynthia Gonzalez

Cynthia teaches Social Studies at Escuela Verde. Watch as she expresses her boundless passion for helping students overcome their individual challenges, and the joy she finds in building meaningful relationships with her students.

Jesse Marshall

Jesse teaches Social Studies at Dr.Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy formerly known as Milwaukee Collegiate Academy. You’ll be inspired as he shares his role as a student mentor, along with the joy he feels every day in shaping lives and preparing students for what awaits outside of the classroom.


Philip Neely

Philip is a reading specialist at St. Marcus Lutheran School. Here he shares his ideas on bonding with students, believing in them and helping them change the course of their lives.


Kwame Green

Kwame is a high school teacher at Dr.Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy formerly known as Milwaukee Collegiate Academy, where he prepares his students for the challenges of going to college. Here he talks about the path to the future they want, and the hard work it takes to become a lifelong problem solver.

Kelly O’Keefe

Kelly is a passionate English teacher at Rufus King High School. Watch as she explains the privilege she feels to teach children, and the thrill she gets in showing them there are no limits to their potential.

Symphony Swan

Symphony Swan is Assistant Principal at Woodlands School. Formerly an art teacher, she expresses her love for the joy her students bring and her desire to give them everything they need to fulfill their promise.